Ignite by Lily Paradis | Book Review

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ignite-amazongrswIgnite Spoiler-Free Review

Lauren Lindsay never thought she would get that phone call again: The “something so bad has happened that it can not be briefed on the phone” kind of call.

After her father’s death during a mine accident, Lauren is all too familiar with loss.
So are her three stepsiblings who are suddenly thrust into her care, following yet another family tragedy. Now, faced with a difficult decision, her first instinct is to flee. But something stalls her. Okay, maybe that something is a really a someone. The mysterious and gorgeous Dean Powell who everyone seems to be in love with.
     There’s no denying it: The two of them have chemistry and a connection she just can’t figure out. Soon, Dean isn’t the only one working himself into her heart. But the big question comes down to: Is all of this worth throwing away her entire life or is it the way it’s meant to be?

Adorable romance combined with characters who’ve ‘seen it all’, plus a shocking turn of events all lead up to a heartwarming tale of love, family and tragedy that will have you splitting at the seams. This book had me in tears at some points and laughing at others. The characters were very well written and I could picture them perfectly.

Paradis makes a few references to TV shows and movies that made me relate to the story even more than I already did. I believe that Lauren’s character and I have the same frame of thinking.

As wonderful as this book is, I do think that it could be revised once more. There were moments where it drifted over the line between novel and fan fiction. I, however did not mind in the least. I feel as though Paradis is connected and invested in this story as much as I am – and I understand the urge to fangirl over Dean Powel. I mean the hotness was scalding!

I also really like the layout of the book. The cover is stunning and unique along with the imagery on the inside.

I haven’t read anything like Ignite and am glad I had the opportunity. It is a perfect mourning period read; not too fluffy but just enough so that it brings you back to reality. I recommend this book to everyone because I thoroughly enjoyed it and can not wait to read something in Dean’s POV.

Overall this book was a super fun, satisfying page turner that made me want to stay up all night to finish.

(Pretty sure this isn’t a YA book but IDEC)





You should read this book if:

You like contemporary, mystery and Romance…

and maybe if you enjoy breathing…

Have a wonderful day slash night!

-Love Drey

My Book Babble on this will be up on wednesday.

Pick up a copy of Ignite here: http://www.amazon.com/IGNITE-Lily-Paradis/dp/0990716007

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22845021-ignite?from_search=true


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